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Jazzwise   - 20th December 2011

Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA Orchestra – Barbican 18th November 2011

Roger Thomas

Jerry Dammers, the man that gave us The Specials, 2-Tone also Free Nelson Mandela now explores beyond the left-field with visions towards outer space. His Spatial AKA Orchestra–a tribute to Sun Ra–packs every available space of the Barbican stage with an array of futuristic paraphernalia.

The band parades in from the back of the auditorium, dressed as if returning from the Venice Carnival, add the cacophonous sounds of instruments plus chanting and you have a capacity audience in great party spirit.

Excitement is maintained with appearances from rapper Anthony Joseph, singers Francine Luce and Johnny Clark with Dammers making the occasional foray from his synthesizer command pod creating more drama.

Renown songs like Ghost Town with politicised lyrics coupled with fiery sax solos and Jerry's wry banter generates moments of uproar, however, it's trombonist Harry Brown who finally brings proceedings back to earth with a sobering rendition of Dvorak's Going Home.

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